About Smile for Brooklyn


Smiles and Sunshine

Smile for Brooklyn’s start came through tremendous heartache brought about by a diagnosis of DIPG. While it seems the focus would shift to the negatives and the sadness, we are determined to keep the smiles alive and the heart happy (as best we can).

Brooklyn’s love of life, her infectious smile, and her soft nature are our focus and our happiness during this time. We want to make sure that this is also your focus and your happiness as well. With that, Smile for Brooklyn seemed to be a very fitting name for our mission. The addition of the sunshine was two-fold, based on the popular children’s song that Brooklyn and her mother love so very much but also on the incredible light Brooklyn brings to life.

Our hashtag

You may notice when posting, the hashtag #SmileForBrooklyn is one that we’ve used and encouraged other to use. The use of this hashtag when posting makes us a community of smiles and allows us to see how far Brooklyn’s smile has gone. Each time you share on social media, reach out to us, and attend our events, we see your smiles and feel your incredible support and love. We cannot possibly put into words just how grateful we are for your part in our journey.

Learn more and get a #SmileForBrooklyn flyer to add to your fun!